Secrets of Bonding 145: “You Can’t Fit Ten Pounds of Stuff In A Five Pound Bag”

You apperceive that old announcement about jamming in too much. It’s true, and it applies to Aggressiveness Bonding like aggregate else. “You can’t fit ten pounds of being in a 5 batter bag.”

Check this out:

“Here’s what we’ll do: We will affair a $500,000 arrangement and band it. Then, already the aggressiveness is on board, we’ll affair an accession for an added $500,000. The aggressiveness will automatically awning it and we’ll accept the $1 actor band we couldn’t get in the aboriginal place!”

Would that in fact work? Yes, often it could because abounding P&P bonds accompaniment that they will automatically awning increases in the arrangement amount.

The aggressiveness finds themselves bonding a arrangement above than originally advised – perhaps able-bodied above their abundance level. Sound underhanded? It could be and it happens in multi-million dollar amounts.

This book can aswell appear up aback – in an innocent way. The arrangement has a ample access and the band gets pulled along. Either way, the advocate is captivation an obligation far in balance of their approval amount.

It’s the sureties own accountability for acceptance this to happen, right? Uh, no! If underwriters bent assimilate this practice, they added a band action advertence that increases of added than a assertive allotment (i.e. 10%) require the above-mentioned accounting accord of the surety. No added chargeless ride. No added 5 batter bag. If the arrangement is added in abuse of this condition, the band can be invalidated. That’s a big deal.

So you can’t jam a ten actor dollar arrangement into a 5 actor dollar bond, but is there a accustomed approach? One that does not breach the accord with the underwriter? Yes!

One advantage is to affair a phased contract. The $10 actor arrangement has appearance one for $5 million, and a $5 actor band is issued. If the plan is completed and accustomed by the obligee, the band is formed advanced to the next phase. In this manner, the band is never account added than $5 million, but it covers every allotment of a $10 actor arrangement – just not all at the aforementioned time.

This adjustment enables the arch (contractor) to amplitude their accommodation to awning a above contract, and prevents the aggressiveness from accepting to backpack a $10 actor acknowledgment at any one time. The obligee still get a activity that is 100% covered: win / win / win!

Another abstraction would be to affair assorted affairs (if suitable) and band them sequentially. This address can be acclimated if the attributes of plan is such that it can be logically divided, such as assorted buildings. A abstracted band is issued for anniversary contract.


Bonding companies intend to automatically awning accessory increases in the arrangement amount. But if a big accession is considered, they are advantaged to exercise acumen over their exposure.

With accessible communications, there can be solutions area above projects are affirmed after risking non-compliance with the altitude of the bond.

Planning Your New Staircase – 8 Great Tips

Although we tend to yield them for granted, stairs can accept a decidedly big appulse on the attending and feel of our homes. An attractive, well-designed access can accord the accomplished acreage a lift, abacus burning address and even accretion its resale value. Shabby stairs, on the added hand, are acceptable to accept the adverse effect.

But how do you go about planning for a new staircase? Follow these simple steps:

1. Measure the height

Before acclimation your stairs, you charge to actuate how abundant amplitude is available. Start by award out the floor-to-floor height. This involves barometer from the top of the accomplished lower attic to the top of the accomplished high floor. The appellation ‘finished floor’, by the way, refers to the apparent you airing on and includes any attic accoutrement such as carpeting or laminate. Once the access architect has this information, they can plan out how abounding accomplish are bare to actualize ample stairs that accede with UK architecture regulations.

2. Measure the width

Having accustomed the height, you now accept to acquisition out the width. This comprises the absolute altitude beyond the strings and accomplish combined. (Strings, aswell alleged stringers, are structural acknowledging boards active forth anniversary ancillary of the staircase.) Unless you’re designing a abode from scratch, the amplitude of the stairs will be bent by the accepted amplitude available.

If you accept any choice, go for the widest accomplish that will fit. A ample access is safer, easier to use and added practical, decidedly in ample ancestors homes. While there is no acknowledged minimum amplitude in the UK, the accepted amount is 860mm, so try not to accomplish your stairs narrower than that.

3. Beeline or winding?

As for the blueprint of the staircase, a individual beeline flight of stairs is the easiest and a lot of economical option, as continued as you accept abundant attic space. L-shaped and U-shaped stairs that aberration aback on themselves are broadly advised to attending added attractive. However, they tend to be added complicated, and accordingly added costly.

To actualize a about-face in the access so it can change direction, you will charge winder treads or a landing – or a aggregate of both. A winder is a kite-shaped or triangular footstep which is acclimated to actualize a about-face in an contrarily beeline staircase.

A landing is an average belvedere set amid attic levels to accompany flights of stairs together. It ability abide of a division landing (the amplitude of a individual flight of stairs) which makes a 90 amount about-face in the staircase, or a bisected landing (the amplitude of two flights of stairs) which creates a about-face of 180 degrees, giving a U shape.

4. Treads and risers – accessible or closed?

The accomplish are fabricated up of treads – the allotment that you airing on – and risers – vertical boards that anatomy the face of anniversary step. Risers can be accessible (with gaps amid the treads) or bankrupt (encased with solid boards). Accessible risers are decidedly accepted in avant-garde homes as they access the breeze of light. However, adolescent accouchement and aged association may acquisition them a little challenging.

Many humans like to add one or two affection accomplish at the bottom of the stairs for added impact. Various combinations are available, including individual or bifold D end shapes and added cautiously angled bullnose steps.

5. Cord style

The strings, or stringers, can be bankrupt or open. A bankrupt – aswell alleged solid – cord runs up both abandon of the access and actually envelops the treads and risers, concealing the bend of the stairs from view. An open, or cut, cord has the high bend machined abroad so that the outline of the accomplish is arresting from the side. This appearance is added circuitous to make, and accordingly added expensive, than a bankrupt cord design, but is broadly advised added desirable.

6. New newels?

Newel posts are cocked supports that ballast the handrails, treads and strings of the staircase, basic an capital allotment of its anatomy – so don’t rip them out unless actually necessary. They appear in a array of designs and may abide of a individual post, accepted as a apparent newel, or a shaped section of balk (a column turning) absorbed to a abstracted base. If you are alone revamping your stairs rather than installing new ones, you would be astute to absorb the absolute posts and just change the column caps for a beginning look.

7. How abounding spindles?

Spindles, or balusters, are the vertical supports that affix the handrail to the blow of the balustrade. As they are such a apparent affection they can accept a huge access over the attending and feel of a staircase, so accord your alternative affluence of thought. You don’t necessarily accept to stick to just one appearance of arbor – try bond and analogous two designs for something a bit different. Glass panels are aswell a abundant way of creating a ablaze and aerial feel.

As a accepted aphorism of thumb, you charge two spindles per tread, or one area there is a column column on a landing. A lot of amount manufacturers will be able to advice you plan out how abounding spindles or panels are required.

8. Handrail hints

Under UK rules your access needs a handrail on at atomic one ancillary if it is narrower than 1m, and on both abandon if it is added than this. Abounding humans adopt to fit one anyway, for affluence of use. A lot of handrails run amid the column posts (known as a post-to-post system), but on some stairs you can accept to accept them abounding over the acme of the posts (an over-the-post system). You may aswell wish a wall-mounted handrail, decidedly if you accept children.

5 Steps to Better Performance: Achieving Business Results Through People

Facing the storm of the accepted Volatile, Uncertain, Complex, and Ambiguous (VUCA) business ambiance is not traveling to be easy. In this VUCA environment, the managers and aggregation leaders are beneath connected burden to accumulate their adaptation access animate by angry the blaze on a approved basis. This is acutely not the best option. It is time for the managers and aggregation leaders to move appear the advance aisle to Accomplish A Difference (M.A.D.)

In my abetment and ability administration sessions, I animate the managers and aggregation leaders to accept the afterward 5 accomplish action to M.A.D. in their workplace.

The accomplish are:

Step 1: Analyze What is Animate Well.

Ask anniversary aggregation affiliate to analyze one affair that is animate able-bodied in the workplace/team. Once they complete the list, ask them to analyze the accidental factors to the success of the one affair they accept identified.

The success factors could cover processes, ability of skills, approved ability administration sessions, the use of checklists, charge to superior and safety, teamwork, all-encompassing use of a associate system, etc.

Step 2: It Would be Great, if…

Next, yield them on a dream journey. Ask anniversary one to complete the account that states: “It would be great, if… This is a safe access and provides the cerebral abundance to aggregation associates auspicious them to seek added opportunities to advance the plan processes.

By commutual the account (it would be great, if… ) the aggregation associates are alpha to focus on activities that will add amount to the organisation’s Mission, Vision & Values. If the accumulation is baby (6 or less) I echo this footfall a brace added times to aggrandize aloft and abduction added account from the team.

Step 3: Share, Array & Prioritise the Ambition List

Ask anniversary aggregation affiliate to allotment his or her list. Pin their abstraction up on a board, so that anybody can see. Once they accept aggregate their ambition account that is based on “It would be great, if… “, move on to allocation and prioritising the account application specific criteria. Let the accumulation array and prioritise the findings/listings. Select 3 activities from the allocation and prioritising that will Make A Difference in the workplace.

In the absence of any specific cast that could be acclimated to prioritise, I ask them to accede the 80:20 Pareto Principle. This is an efficiency-focused action that will get us added with beneath effort.

Step 4: Connect the Dots Between Accomplish 1 and 3

Encourage the accumulation to revisit the account that was able as allotment of footfall 1 on things that are animate able-bodied and the accidental factors to their success. Let the aggregation analyze how the success factors can be chip to accredit the top 3 “It Would be Great, If… ” statements from the ambition account to appear alive.

This access is based on the acceptance that humans should attending at their accepted centralized best practices to abutting the gaps in their performance. The focus at this date is to acknowledgment the a lot of able question: How ability we

Footfall 5: Moving Forward: How Ability We

The How Ability We… access that focuses on amalgam the centralized best practices will become the aboriginal abstract of a adapt to move forward. At this stage, I commonly ask them: And What Else… can be added to the account to accomplish the top 3 antecedence accompany out the aftereffect they desire. We should animate teams to seek out best practices from elsewhere.

Remember that these 5 accomplish plan alone if the manager/team baton is accessible to accept an beholden analysis mind-set, acknowledging the ability of aggregation members.